Poll for tracking data

To use the Spot tracking mode that you pay Spot $50 a year for you must set up a public shared page on the Spot website. When you set up the page, make a note of the last part of the URL after "glId=" (copy and paste). Edit your database entry on this site, adding 33 character string from the URL to the "shared page" field. Once you have that your database entry should show a link to the shared page, and a link to the XML data that is used to generate the map. If they work, you should be able to enable your Spot for tracking.

When you enable polling for track data it stays on for 12 hours, then resets. Currently you can't turn it off.

Polling occurs every 15 minutes, and data may be delayed. You get much better performance using 'Help' mode.

Spot ESN Reg Name Polling
0-2412083 KG John Robinson
0-2415174 YGN Toby Read
0-2415346 YH Neil Walker
0-2419080 XN Ross
0-2447440 XBO Bo
0-2845117 FR Andrew Campbell
0-2864945 UZ Nigel Maxey
0-2876679 JM Juergen Wenzel
0-3043473 YD Max Stevens
0-3043755 TK Terry & Karen Morgan-Jones
0-3044466 TP Hugh Colton
0-3044671 TF TF Syndicate
0-7379639 FGH SC Aero Club
0-7400426 TDM Trevor Mollard
0-7414385 RX Terry Delore
0-7426330 MJ Hugh Turner
0-7451482 HL John Gorringe
0-7454603 AND G Dale
0-7456134 30 John Gorringe
0-7456939 NKD Nigel Davy
0-7461610 GQT Graham E / John McC
0-7482023 VH Roland Van Der Wal
0-8059468 YG1 Tim
0-8061759 SX CJ McCaw
0-8146593 LP Pete Mckenzie
0-8169264 ZZ Theo Newfield
0-8175264 FIG Adrian Snow
0-8190029 JI Richard Johnson
0-8202814 GXT TGC GXT
0-8226965 CC Oli Winkley
0-8253429 VS Philip Sturley
0-8275881 GX Mark Wilson
0-8310043 IU Rob Campbell
0-8315481 BF Conal Edwards
0-8324145 HY Graham Levitt
0-8326864 KD Brian Savage
300434031213800 MW Tom Berger
300434060338200 ZB Warren Dickenson
300434060611510 7C Melissa Jenkins
300434061093840 ZR Gunther Hagleitner