Name Reg Description ESN Messenger name Shared page
John Robinson KG PIK20 (yello pig) 0-2412083 John Robinson Map  XML
Toby Read YGN Youthglide Spot GMQ 0-2415174 Roger Read Map  XML
Philip Dew HQ Kestrel T59D 0-2415320 Philip Dew
DX Duo Discus 0-2418916 Map  XML
Ross XN Discus 0-2419080 Map  XML
David Palmer OO ASW20 0-2436850 David Palmer Map  XML
Russell Thorne RT ASG 29E 0-2437737 Glider RT Map  XML
Nick White 7K Discus 2 0-2444009 Nick7K Map  XML
Bo XBO Grey Ghost 0-2447440 Map  XML
Jason Kelly / Graham White RJ ASH25M 0-2483848 RJ Map  XML
Glide Omarama NG Grob 102 0-2830420 GO9
Glide Omarama MO Grob 103 0-2831244 GO7
Glide Omarama XG Discus 2 0-2831575 GO8
Glide Omarama EE Discus CS 0-2832141 GO10
Andrew Campbell OP Ventus CT 0-2845117 GOP Map  XML
Nigel Maxey UZ ASW-27B 0-2864945 Map  XML
Trace Austin NM Discus CS 0-2865921 Trace Austin Map  XML
Phil Plane VZ Hornet 0-2877441 hornet
Justin Wills RW Duo Discus 0-2885569
Glide Omarama ZR Duo Discus 0-2885586
Glide Omarama NE Grob 103 0-2885591
Glide Omarama NS Duo Discus 0-2885604
Glide Omarama QQ Duo Discus XL 0-2890811 GO1
Glide Omarama RZ Duo Discus 0-2891774
Glide Omarama DD Duo Discus 0-2891783
Glide Omarama MN Twin Astir 0-2893009
Glide Omarama BFV 0-3001881
Terry Jones TK LS8-18 TK 0-3043755 TK Map  XML
Frank Saxton TH Discus b 0-3043880 Frank GTH Map  XML
Grae Harrison CH Ventus 2cxt 0-3044214 ZK-GCH
Hugh Colton TP LS3 0-3044466
Gedrimas MJ Jantar 0-3044477
TF Syndicate TF ASH25 TF 0-3044671 TF Map  XML
SC Aero Club FGH PA28 0-7379639 SCAC Map  XML
Trevor Mollard TDM Various 0-7400426 Spotmollard Map  XML
Terry Delore RX ASW27 0-7414385 Terry Map  XML
Omarama Gliding Club DR Ventus 2b 0-7425534 YF Map  XML
Hugh Turner MJ Jantar Std2 0-7426330 Hugh Turner Map  XML
Omarama Gliding Club ZS Discus 2b 0-7426347 WC Map  XML
John Gorringe HL LS6c 15m 0-7451482 HL Map  XML
Colin Mackie CDM Hangglider (Bright Red & Blue) 0-7453039 ColinsSpot
G Dale AND G Dale's SPOT 0-7454603 gdale247 Map  XML
John Gorringe 30 G-ULCC ASH30mi 0-7456134 UK Map  XML
Nigel Davy NKD 0-7456939 Nigel Map  XML
Jenny Wilkinson QT Ventus2b 0-7461610 Jenny's spot
Derek Kraak DK ASG 29 0-7461621 Derek Map  XML
Max Stevens YD Ventus 2c 0-7462085 ZK-GYD
Brad Newfield CZZ Cessna 150 0-7463084 Theo
Omarama Gliding Club UO Duo Discus 0-7463096 UO Map  XML
Jerry O'Neill PY DG 808 0-7475778 Map  XML
Paul & Tony UB 0-7479926 speedy Map  XML
Terry Jones loan to Roland VH LS6 0-7482023 VH Map  XML
Leefield TR Stemmie 0-7483791 GTR
Nick Oakley 73 (LB ASW 19) 0-7484448 moakley Map  XML
Tango Fox Syndicate TF ASH25 0-7485192 TF Map  XML
GTP syndicate TP LS3a 0-7515151 GTP Map  XML
George Wills RM Discus 0-7515886 George Wills Spot
Don Mallinson TF LS4 0-8020378 ZK GTF
Bud Pratt MT LS-4 0-8059468 BUDPRATT Map  XML
CJ McCaw SX LS6 0-8061759 cjmccaw Map  XML
ZA Syndicate ZA LS-8 0-8076325 GZA Map  XML
Roger Sparks VT Ventus 2ct 0-8099731 RogerVT Map  XML
Graham White XS LS8 0-8132329 XS Map  XML
Pete Mckenzie LP LS3a 0-8146593 petemck Map  XML
Theo Newfield CW ASW 27 0-8169264 ZZ Map  XML
Trev Terry TT Duo Discus 0-8171109 TT Map  XML
Adrian Snow FIG Glide Omarama fleet or C172 FIG 0-8175264 Adrian Snow Map  XML
Richard Johnson JI ASW27 0-8190029 ZKGJI Map  XML
Pete Chadwick ZW ASG29 0-8191890 Pete Chads Spot Map  XML
Pat Driessen VZ JS1 0-8197846 GOP Map  XML
Oli Winkley CC Temp SPOT 0-8226965 Oli Spot Map  XML
Rob Campbell IU Libelle 0-8310043 Map  XML
Brian Savage KD ASW 19 0-8326864 ZK-GKD Map  XML
Keith UC 300434060028510 Map  KML
Keith Essex UC ASG 29 300434060028660 Maximus Map  KML
Warren Dickenson ZB LS8 300434060338200 ZB Map  KML
Keith Essex UC 300434060648670
Mystery INR 300434060919720

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The ESN is found inside the battery box of your Spot.

The messenger name is assigned when you register your Spot on the findmespot website. This must be unique, so I recommend using your aircraft registration as the messenger name for your Spot.

The shared page is required for tracking mode support, but is not needed for OK/Help email messages.